MACS Participants

August "Buzz"
We’re not in control of our destiny. In the 1980’s we lost a generation of men—gay men—and I don’t want to see that happen again because I think after all this time people have become complacent because there is medication, but it isn’t a good existence.Hear more
August “Buzz”
Study Participant

The MACS study would not be possible without the tremendous commitment of its participants. Their generosity with time and information inspires all of us.

Blood and urine samples we collect are tested with established clinical tests. For example, we test blood for CD4, HIV viral load, liver and kidney function, and lipids (glucose and cholesterol). We return these results to participants. We also store some blood samples, where they are stored frozen for use in future studies. These stored samples help us conduct research to understand biomarkers of disease, pathogenesis (the disease process), and other infections.

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Los Angeles
Christopher C.
My partner and I got involved in MACS at the same time. He died in 1992. I stayed on because the MACS is crucial for setting a standard for AIDS care everywhere. The researchers, the doctors, and the nurses have such a passion and compassion for persons with HIV.Hear more
Christopher C.
Study Participant

Can I join the MACS study?

The MACS is currently enrolling a limited number of additional participants who live in study site areas and meet the eligibility criteria.

(410) 955–7090 or (860) 392–8991
Chicago or (312) 908–MACS
Pittsburgh (412) 624-2008 or (800) 987–1963
Los Angeles (310) 479–6691 or (310) 825–6229

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