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Researchers internal and external to the MACS study can apply to use our data and specimens. This page contains submission and approval information, and forms used to collect data.


Investigators interested in doing research in the MACS submit a concept sheet (see link below) which is reviewed by the relevant working groups and then sent to the MACs executive committee for a decision. Approved concept sheets have assigned MACS co-investigators from participating sites. You can see what data we collect in the link to study forms below. The CAMACS datacenter oversees requesting samples for approved concepts from the biorepository, getting approved datasets together to send to the investigator, and provided required approved analytic support.

Online Concept Submission Form
How to Propose Research
MACS Directory
Data Forms Summary
Data Collection Forms
Specimen Request Information
Public Data Set

Bill Buchanan Clinic Coordinator
We are interested in people and not just data. That has made people happier and want to come back through all kinds of adversity and illness.
Bill Buchanan
Clinic Coordinator

The MACS has many working groups, which plan and review ongoing and proposed science. These include working groups on: Behavior, Clinical, Core Laboratory, Data, Inflammation Markers, Metabolic/ Cardiovascular, Malignancy, Neuropsychology, and Viral Hepatitis. If you are writing a paper using MACS data, please see the guidelines for required acknowledgement and publication policies below.

MACS Manuscript Templates

HAART definition
MACS acknowledgement
Links to author’s instructions for specific journals
Getting a PMCID number
Download Manuscript Templates

Manuscript Submission Process/Policy

Papers must be approved by all authors before submission.

A copy of the paper must be sent to CAMACS before/at time of journal submission. A copy of the final analytic dataset and paper must be sent to
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